Our Story

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a big shift in the spa manicure and pedicure industry. The rise of celebrity nail technicians show that manicure and pedicure is more than just nail art—it’s about professional skin care. From flawless feet to youthful looking hands and skin, nail technicians are providing clients with treatment services that provide both preventative maintenance and results.

A leader in skincare, BCL was the first brand in the industry to introduce certified organic ingredients into a complete spa manicure and pedicure system. This core product line is BCL SPA, a 4-step system that includes a Dead Sea salt soak, sugar scrub, moisture mask and massage cream. All scents are infused with certified organic fruit and botanical extracts with healing properties for different skin types. Today, BCL’s Mandarin Mango is #1 sugar scrub in the industry.

BCL is known for creating innovative and high-quality products. The company created the industry’s first wax-free lotion to deliver moisture deeper into the skin without a greasy lotion feel. In an effort to make safer products, BCL developed a Callus Exfoliator to hydrate and soften skin without the chemicals found it other callus products. But perhaps most all of the buzz is about BCL’s White Radiance skin brightening technology. Using a patented formula of Volcanic Silt, Pearl, Kojic Acid, Milk, Ginseng and Rice Water, White Radiance evens out hyperpigmentation, skin-tone and other imperfections due to age.

Our Vision

Our vision is that we will grow to have a positive impact on our global consumers in meaningful, positive ways. We hope to help millions create the feeling of “Be, Care, Love” in their everyday lives through our products. Whether it be the centering of your spirit, achieved during a BCL SPA manicure, or the cleansing of your mind through the scent of our Petal Fresh Organics products, we hope to help you “Be” and “Care” and “Love”−one experience at a time.


Our purpose at BCL is to create experiences that make our lives meaningful and happy. Being happy is a state of mind. A choice we make in the present moment; right here, right now. Most of my life, I’ve been “doing” to “have” with the hopes that one day, I can just “BE”. What I have learned over he last forty-three years of my life is that our time is limited. I don’t know how many minutes, hours days, weeks months or years I have left. But, we at BCL are committed to this purpose, which is to continue to grow personally, and share the Be, Care, Love. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey.